AI: The Future of Computing.

There are millions of professions today working in computer science, systems design and Information Technology. These professionals have been solving difficult computing problems for years. Yet the one major area that has evaded this expertise is Artificial Intelligence.

For our discussion here AI will refer to teaching or programming computers to think more like humans. It does not address those algorithms in Weak AI such as scheduling or tree searching. Those are well understood today and most universities offer classes that teach this material to entry level students.

Instead we will address some of the more difficult questions that focus on how we proceed in developing automated thinking skills. Join in or send us an email if you have something to contribute. We will all benefit.

FirstStar Systems is a continuation of Taunton Engineering Inc. that was first set up in Newtown, CT and moved to Massachusetts. TEI operated in Massachusetts as a “foreign” corporation until its name was changed to FirstStar Systems. Taunton Engineering developed the first web browser in 1986 and continues innovative work in computing.


The Leaders in Strong AI